DIY Bicycle Powered Honey Extractors

I am looking for an open source DIY guide for bicycle powered honey extractors.

Beez Kneez Honey Extractor (via Beez Kneez Honey House MINNEAPOLIS)

Here is what we did find online recently:

  • The Beez Kneez Delevery „have pedal-powered extractors, we will show you how and clean up your mess for you!“
  • A Honey Harvest Bicycle-Powered Extractor by
  • The Bush Mechanic: Make your own Honey Extractor by Dr Garth Cambray
  • Final Report: Mielino Centrifugal Extractor Design PDF by Gaby Aldana, Kelsey Hanson, Sue Shiao, Will Tang, Arturo Ujpan

Please leave a comment if you can give some support: links, ideas, concepts or designs.

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