Learning From Historical Bicycle Posters … and Road Books

Learning From Historical Bicycle Posters

heißt einer umfangreicher Blogpost von von Copenhagenize, eine Art Lehrstück für Fahrradmarketing:

If you compare the posters for sewing machines and vacuum cleaners and boil down the messaging used to sell the products to keywords, it looks like this:

– Liberating – it will change your life. Liberate you from whatever constrains you.
– Modern  – it’s new and exciting and all the kids are doing it. Keep up with the Joneses.
– Elegant – You don’t require anything else but the product. It’s elegant and so are you.
– Effortless – it’s so easy. Seriously.
– Social – It is sociable. Using the product will improve your sociability. More time with friends and loved ones.
– Convenient – It will improve your life with its ease-of-use by freeing up time for other activities.

… und der wohl besten US-Fahrradwerbung seit Jahren …

Nicht in Farbe und ähnlich aufschlussreich sind die Anzeigen, die man im hinteren Teil vieler historischer Tourenbücher und Festschriften findet.